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The options on the side list are now controlled by GetPlugin, it will work just like GetMain works, text settings saved in a plugin.premium. If you have one of the options on the side, check the adaptation rate for the correct operation of the tool.

  • Custom Window Name Type

  • Camera Message Warning

  • Separate Chat Style

  • Custom Full Map Window

  • Custom NPC Dialogue

  • Custom Notice System

  • Custom Tematic Effects

  • Custom Move List and Type

  • Custom Slide System

  • Custom Help System

  • Window Controller

  • Clear Inventory Button

  • Quick Access System

  • Lock System

  • Legend Loading Scene

  • Custom Map Swimming

  • Custom Help List F1

  • Save Zoom Option

  • Auto Post Window

  • Emote System V2

  • Plugin Slot System

  • Custom NPC Description

  • Golden Archer Collector

  • Custom Live Warning

  • Chat Emoji

  • Custom NPC Item

  • Custom Select Scenes

  • Custom Coin Panel

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